Iyengar Yoga and Children

This is not a post about children doing Iyengar Yoga…

…it’s about how a child’s approach to life can be compared to Iyengar Yoga.

I recently did a post about how Yoga, for me, is a way of complete escapism from the challenges of life and therefore a great mental tonic.  I described how important this is for our inner calmness and ultimately our health.  (Here’s a link to the post if you haven’t read it yet).

Iyengar Yoga and ChildrenWell, it’s the Summer break and as usual I find myself trying to keep calm while I have two young children testing my patience at every opportunity.  But what I found is that when I take some time out to sit and play with the kids, I discover like practicing Iyengar, it’s a great way to just switch off from the World.

“Playing” seems to be great way to achieve a state of innocence and possibility.

Weren’t they great days when we look back?

When we didn’t have a care in the World.  When everything we looked at or did was positive.  When nothing could stop us and happiness was part of our make up.

When kids fail they just do it again.  When they want, they ask and keep asking, never feeling any sense of rejection.


So how does the relate to Iyengar Yoga?

Well, in Iyengar Yoga, we relate to a state called “Anando Hum”, otherwise known as “I am Bliss”.

A state that provides a connection with our inner self and the greater whole; or the Cosmos as sometimes as it is referred to.

And this is the state kids seem to achieve when they play.

They become oblivious to the World around them, them become consumed  by their play and experience a sense of pure enjoyment.

This is the state You can Achieve when practicing Iyengar Yoga.

By focusing on your practice and the technicalities of each Asana, you become totally consumed by what you’re doing.  You escape dthe stresses of the World around you and experience a sense of ”Bliss”. I like to think of it as being totally immersed or in other words, being in the moment.

This is one of the main reasons I chose Iyengar Yoga as my style of practice, because the precision and inward focus, provides the exact same level of connection  with “Life” that I felt today playing with my children.

Take some time to reflect today and instead of thinking about the past or the future connect with your inner child and focus on just the here and now.



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